Call Home the Crow

by Mel Hsu

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I bow my head to the all the people who have brought me to this point.
Thank you for your faith and support.
It has meant the world to me.



released February 22, 2014

Engineered and mixed by Jared Paul
All Songs Written by Mel Hsu
Produced by Mel Hsu and Jared Paul
Album Artwork by Brenda Zhang

“Reprise” Mixed at Mavericks Studio
Mastered by Steven Berson at Total Sonic Media
Recorded in Wesleyan’s Memorial Chapel, Crowell Hall and the CFA Stairwells



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Mel Hsu

Mel makes music because she has no god.

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Track Name: Sing to Her Name
Sing to Her Name

Untie the muse
Hear the sounds of blood over gold
and fear the sailors' blues
The Sirens watching you

They cried Hallelujah
They cried Hallelu

Mama, please don't worry
You sang my sins to sleep
and the world will make space for me
Mama, in hunger you found me
You taught me forgiveness
and healed my body with grace

Sing to Her Name
Track Name: Of Glass
Pullin' up her stockings on that red light morning,
trying to comb the smoke out of her hair.
Ravaging for numbers like they were pennies on the floor,
weaving through the spine that seem to care.

Waiting for his hands to make her whole,
treading water with love made of whiskey and wine.
She sang empty lullabies of gold,
always waiting for someone to ask her to speak.

And girl, I know, you know, that you're better than that
and I hope one day that you realize, you don't need me.

Chorus: You don't need me

Cornering the devil on that Sunday morning,
trying to wash the doubt out of his hair.
Making up his stories cause
empty bottles don't go far when truth is left unsaid
in the high tide, after the moon rise.

And boy, I know, you know that you're better than that
and I hope one day that you realize, you don't need me.
Track Name: Undone
Call me home, I'm so undone.
Sing me gone, I'm so unsung.
Cause at last, I've forgotten your name.

Your name.

Soak me dry, I'm so unclean.
And catch my breath, I'm so unchained.

Cause at last, I've swept away your ghost.